Note: Please check here the Warranty details about our DEFENSLIM Screen Protectors


We care about you and we take the entire responsibility for the conditions

in which you receive your products. We want to give our customers a pleasant

experience when they purchase from Witkeen that’s why we promise to do

our best to satisfy you every time you’ll need us!


Because we trust the quality of our products we are giving you 2 strong Warranties:

1. Manufacturer Lifetime Replacement Warranty*

Lifetime Warranty

* This warranty is applied only to items that have Manufacturer Defects.

Installation failures, accidental drops and other similar causes that are

not based on a manufacturing error and are caused by the owner are

NOT covered by this warranty!

None of these warranties apply on any existing replacements.

2. 60 Days Refund Warranty*

* If within 60 days from date of purchase you ask for refund

(no matter the reason why you need this) we'll give you your

money back in the shortest time possible and with no questions asked!!

None of these warranties apply on any existing replacements.


If you think that your item is eligible for the Replacement please contact our customers support here:

To get service for your Witkeen products you must take the following steps:
1. After you contact the customers service please be prepared to provide this information:
- your name and the purchase date
- a proof of purchase (order number, invoice etc)
- the reason for the replacement request
- a picture with the item for which you ask the replacement.

1. Please be sure that in the picture you include evidence demonstrating that the item for which you ask the replacement has a Manufacturer Defect (Applies only for the Manufacturer Lifetime Replacement Warranty).

2. Only the products bought directly from Witkeen are eligible for this warranty and it will not apply to products acquired from resellers.


Thank you for choosing Witkeen!